Flashcards of the lesson page

sorry if this issue is being discussed elsewhere already, but I couldn’t find it.
The flashcards listed in the lesson page are including the known words also (flashcards marked 4), instead of only the yellow ones. Is it a new feature or a bug? If it is a feature, can I configure it differently?

Hi Ana,

This is on our list. We’ll remove the status 4 words.

I precisely wanted to mention this fact, with another point of view though. It reminds me a parable Steve told us recently :wink: and that you can’t do as each person wants…
Like Ana, I wondered why there are all words on a lesson page, including the known words. In the last two items I read, there were more than 170 words each when I click on the Flashcard button!
However, yesterday I changed my mind regarding this feature. If I want to review the words of the lesson, I click on Edit List. It brings me to the Vocabulary page. I see there the new words of that lesson and I review them only.
Regarding the long list of words, I think it’s not so bad to get every words, even the known ones. Since I’m at LingQ, I saved thousands of words. I forgot the meaning of many of them and I even forgot that I saved some. Therefore, this new feature (or bug…) is great to review them. It doesn’t take a lot of time to go through these numerous words if we know them but at least, it tells us that we really know them!
It is mandatory. We have the choice to review the new words of a lesson or review all words saved that appear in that lesson.

What is everyone’s opinion regarding this characteristic?

Another thing that I think is good is the tutor notes and comments at the end of a lesson.
When there is a question regarding that lesson, it shows up there. I asked about a word on my latest item and instead of going to the ask my tutor forum to read the answer to my question, I can see a link to it at the end of that lesson :slight_smile: Therefore, I guess that if there are many questions regarding that lesson, it appears there. It’s good :slight_smile:

Yes, Marianne, I found out the very same trick to get only the unknown words.
The problem with this approach is that if you started the language from scratch at lingq, you end up reviewing almost the entire text, word by word. So, I suspect that for studying English that would be great, but in French it has been really annoying to review what “j’ai” means all the time… :frowning:
In other words, the ideal would be having this configurable by the user, but I know that although more options are lovely for users, they are terrible for programmers… hehehe.
In my opinion, the way it is now, it is a bug, or at least a user interface misconception, because you see one list in the lesson page and when you try to edit the list, another (shorter) list appears. I guess this can be confusing for most users.

Marianne and Anapaula,

It is a bug. :slight_smile: In fact, what should happen is that you should only see status 1-3 words in the list on the lesson page. However, you should be able to see status 4 words when you click the “edit list” link. But, only those that were saved in that lesson originally.

Uau, that sounds more sophisticated than I previously thought it would be… I guess this is going to make both of us happy, don’t you think, Marianne?

I understand your point of view Ana. I didn’t think about the problem it could be…

When I found interesting this ‘bug feature’ to review words, I went back to some Russian items I had studied. I didn’t find it annoying however the few items I studied didn’t contain the same words. I am more a beginner in Russian than you are in French :slight_smile:
I totally agree with you that reviewing “j’ai” or other words like this can be annoying!!

After reading your answer Mark, I think the way it must be will better and make both of us happy, Ana :slight_smile:
It is a good improvement you’re doing at LingQ.

I agree, Marianne, the lesson page as a whole has received a bunch of nice improvements. Even with some bugs still around, I’m loving it! :slight_smile:

as a user I am loving the new LingQing. I have created more LingQs in the last 7 days (450) than in any similar period and I am looking forward to doing more. I feel closer to my Russian texts now, and I can review Portuguese, where there are fewer words I do not know, in a jiffy.

I wish we had more literature in Portuguese. I have been reading Saramago in paper form but found him slow going. Ensayo sobre o cegueira or whatever it was called was just too depressing. I read a Brazilian book called O sol se poe em Sao Paolo. by Bernardo Caravalho, much of which takes place in Japan. It would be great to read these here on LingQ to add words to my vocabulary.

have you tried librivox? I’m not a fan of using old literature for language learning, but I know you don’t mind it, so I guess you can find something there…