Flashcards in android - fine first time then shows the answers 2nd time round!

Has anyone come across this before? When I use the android app the first run through is fine but the second time it shows me the answers to the words instantly so I cannot guess/test my memory! Really frustrating!

I’m glad you’ve asked the question. I have the same problem.

The Android app used to work just fine. I revised the flashcards until I was done with all the words for the day. Showing the answers ruins the effect. I tried to cover the upper part of the screen with a hand but it’s nor very comfortable.

I wish it could be fixed.

Sorry for the trouble with this one! It’ll be fixed in the next version that is coming soon. In this newest version we’ve spent a lot of time optimizing the app, so in addition to some various bug fixes it’ll also be much quicker and smoother. Keep an eye out for it some time this week!