Flashcards going weird on me

The flashcard system has been acting oddly this week. Several times I have successfully done a set of flash cards twice or more, but the status has refused to increment. Yesterday I got an empty error message every time the system tried (and failed, presumably) to update the lingQs. I was also asked to sign in (again) half way through my flash card session. In the end I went to the vocabulary page and moved the words to status 4 manually.

If you are working on any current areas or you know of any bugs but haven’t fixed them yet, it would be really useful if we could have a status message to say so. It’s really frustrating to study and learn 30 linqs and then to have to check whether you managed to change your stats at all!

That seems strange. Is anyone else having this probem? Please let us know if it happens again.

In my computer I can’t read or listening any lesson.
It is damaged I mean the page, can not being open. ¿why?. Can you helph me please?

Hi fabimuc,

What browser are you using? What exactly do you see?

If you could send us a screenshot to support (at) lingq (dot) com, that would really help us try and identify your problem.