Flashcards (German)

It would be very helpful if the flashcards would also display a noun’s article and pluralization. This would be very useful since you MUST learn the articles and know how to pluralize nouns in order to form correct sentences.


der Blumenstrauss, " -e

The flashcards will display whatever you copy or type into the Hint area. The dictionary we use gives you the article. The plural form of the word is only one of the ways that German nouns change. You are going to have to learn these. You should look for and save different forms of words as different words. This will give you different examples of the words in use. Then when you review your words alphabetically you will be able to compare them.

If in future we have a dictionary with more information you will be able to copy this information into the Hint space if you like. We will be improving the access to different dictionaries in the future.

I usually write the article in the Hint like, if the lingq is ‘Auto’, I write ‘(das) car’ on the hint and I only put it on words where the ending doesn’t tell me already the gender or when the word has an ending the doesn’t show accurately the gender. But I usually don’t put the formation of the plural, maybe sometimes I write it also on the hint. For example for Blumenstrauß I would put in the hint ‘(der) bouquet’ or ‘(der ¨-e)’ and in case I already knew Strauß, I would put either the gender or the plural, this way when I use flashcards, I can test my knowledge of the meaning, of the plural formation and of the gender.

With verbs I do the same. For example ‘fahren’, in case I didn’t know the Präteritum and the Partizip II, I’d put in the hint ‘(fuhr, gefahren)’ before the meaning.


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