Flashcards for SRS not appearing on phone app

When using Lingq on my pc, I’ve got 1000s of words to review on the space repetition system (which is correct). But when I switch over to the android phone app (they way I’d prefer to review the flashcards) there are barely any cards to review if any at all.

Is this a syncing issue, does anybody know how I can fix this, so I can review the flashcards on my phone instead, thanks.

Do you maybe have some filters enabled on the Vocabulary tab on mobile?

Nope, without any filters on the phone app, I’ve got maybe 100 words to review altogether, but I actually have at the moment 1,698 words to review which appear just fine on pc.

As an example with filtering though. If I go to SRS due and filter level 1 (new words) on pc, I’ve got 1,298 words to review (which is correct). But when I do the exact same on phone I’ve literally got just 1 word to review.

We are looking into this. Thanks for reporting.