Flashcards for French irregular verbs

I am looking for a ready set of flashcards with French irregular verbs.
Just conjugations for simple present tense and participles.

What I’ve found are these two sets:
But they cover just a couple of verbs.

Could someone recommend another set or probably share one you’ve made for yourself?
for 50 most used verbs or so…

p.s. I used to make those myself on paper at the times I learned German, but I am much more lazy now and French irregular verbs are also much more irregular! :slight_smile:

If you use Anki, you might find something suitable among the shared decks: French - AnkiWeb

“French Verb Conjugations” (French Verb Conjugations - AnkiWeb) looks to be the deck I used and found helpful. It includes several tenses, but, according to the description, the tags allow you to sort by tense.

Thank you!

As a matter of fact, do you know how to sort by tags?

You’re welcome. You can see what tags are in use on a set of cards by opening the deck and clicking the ‘browse’ button.

In the Tools menu, there is an option to create filtered decks. Those can be set up to include only cards with a particular tag. The format to follow in the filtered deck search box is: tag:nameoftag

Thanks a lot once again!

Can Anki’s Browser just show tags from all decks altogether, or could I somehow view tags from one particular deck?

eugrus, you can also save these verbs, any form of them, here at LingQ and tag them for review in your LingQ flash cards. You can also easily find conjugation tables, either from “le conjuguer”, one of the dictionaries you can use here, or from anywhere else on the web and copy these into the Notes section of your LingQ widget.

I used tags and notes for Russian and Czech declensions. I still have a long way to go!!

According to Anki’s user manual (Anki - powerful, intelligent flashcards) multiple search terms should work.