Flashcards - do you use them?

Hi there.
I was wondering if people use flashcards and other vocabulary learning methods?
I personally go through my daily LingQs briefly within the e-mails I receive. Additionally, I learn a little bit on Memrise in the mornings.
That’s of course in addition to reading lessons on LingQ and listening to stuff.


I don’t have enough time to use flashcards every day - I repeat them 2 times a week.
However, I prefer not flashcards, but ‘multiple choice’ - it’s quicker with the same result.
Sometimes it irritates me that the words are not in the initial form - the Infinitive for verbs and Nominative for the languages which have the declension because it makes some difficulties to find such words in the dictionary.

I use them occasionally, but at the moment I’m focusing a lot more on reading texts.

Only the ones I have to review via SRS in my notifications.

Other than that, writing out flash cards on note cards takes too long and it doesn’t work for me.

I don’t really use flashcards on a regular basis. However, when I am trying to hammer down a specific text or subject, I might use flash cards for words that are simply not going in at all.

I love Anki. It takes only 20 min a day and helps me remember about 4000 words of polish passive vocabulary. I would be very uneasy without it.

I’ve been using Anki for over two years now with my English.

Flashcards have some drawbacks but still they are invaluable especially at a more advanced level where it is more difficult to come across some specific vocabulary in their natural context.

I also use flashcards via the Lingq app on my phone.

For two years now I haven’t had a chance to get bored waiting for the bus to work, in a shop or on the bus or train. Never get impatient or nervous and I feel sorry for those who get angry in such situations. All the moments are a great opportunity to improve my language skills.


I use anki as lusan mentioned bellow. I use lingq content to build my own flashcards using anki.

I used the LingQ flashcards tool a lot at some point, specially at the intermediate stage. I found it particularly helpful to have the ability to work on the words one has marked as unknown (LingQs) while reading/listening the texts. Also it provides the opportunity for learning both through ‘rote memorization’ as well as the context.

Typically once I reach an advanced level in the language, I stop doing flashcards. I learn through the context while reading extensively, looking up a word here and there.

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