Flashcards, dictation, multipleChois and close items still not working!

Its cause a lot of problem for me, it is almost impossible to learn without flashcards. I am not happy about this situation (( Please fix it!!!

I have this problem also. (

I don’t have this problem last two days.
I go through 'learn" to ‘vocabulary’ then I choose the day and use flashcards or multiple choice.
I use ‘Goole-Chrome’, but my ‘Firefox’ makes the same without problems.
Try to fresh you program pressing F5 at the top of the keyboard.

It doesn’t help, I have tried to fresh.

@Andrey108, Alenika - Sometimes a regular refresh doesn’t work and you need to do a “hard refresh”. The best way to do this is by pressing Shift+F5 or Control+Shift+R. Have you tried clearing the cache as well? 9 Ways to Clear Your Browser Cache: Chrome, Safari, & More

@Andrey + Alenika: Do you have the recent version of Adobe Flash Player? Since the latest update (almost) everything works fine with the above mentioned items. I’ve only detected 2 minor bugs, which I’ve already reported in another thread (1. the flashcard exercise gets closed when you use the shortcut key “Space” for turning the first card (but - strangely - it works for the following flashcards), 2. There’s no loudspeaker icon to click on on the flashcards and Lingqs, but you can hear the sound when you hit the Tab key).

Altogether, the new outfit is - at least in my opinion - much more appealing than the old one. And - though not that important but nevertheless somewhat motivating - I’ve further levels to strive for, now :). Maybe one day, there will also be some more monuments and/or other items to buy. Surely there are still a few bugs, but I`m pretty they will be solved before long.

Thanks for the suggestions!! Pressing Shift+F5 really helps! Now I can use flashcard ) But I have one more problem - when I go through “learn” to “vocabulary” nothing I can do with “more actions” button, it just does not work! I try “hard refresh” and different browsers, but no result. Any suggestions ?

@Andrey108 - You must first select some of your vocabulary words before you can use the more actions button.

I have problems too. I can´t use the top 25 flaschcards e vocabulary flashcards (firefox, IE and Chrome). I use the latest version off flash, i clean the cache but is not working yet.

@pbredel - Sorry for the trouble, we hope to have this fixed in the next day or two!

I can’t study my top 25 flashcards. I have it sorted by status and due for review so that I get new cards, but even without any sorting it only shows me 3-4 flashcards when I ask for 25. Especially annoying that this has been over the holidays when I have way more time to study.

@emory989 - Would you be able to let us know if you’re using the flashcards test or the cloze test? Flashcards should be working properly, but we’ve noticed an issue with the cloze test where some new LingQs aren’t showing up properly. We hope to have this fixed soon, but in the meantime any older LingQs should be showing up properly in the cloze test.