Flashcards auto-increment my new word status

I notice that the status of my new words get incremented while I go through my flashcards. If I recall correctly, it did not happen in the past.

Is there a way to turn off this feature?


Hi Edwin,

If you correctly answer a flashcard two times in a row, your status increases by 1. This feature can’t be turned off but you can easily adjust the status manually by clicking on the highlighted status number in the top right corner of the flashcard.

Remember that language learning is a fuzzy logic, gradual process. I often try to save words that I have already moved to known (status 4) and forgotten. I just adjust the status back to 3 and move on. I keep reading, listening, reviewing, writing and eventually words stick. Some stick right away, and some seem unwilling to become part of my brain.

We have the intention of putting filters into the Vocabulary section so that, for examples, you can just see your status 4 words I am sure you will find some that you do not know. You will then be able to flash card just your status 4 words and adjust the status down as required.

It is not a big deal to me. Just that I feel some new words get to status 4 too quick when I am doing flashcards intensively. For example, if I flashcard the same set 4 times in a day, all the new words will have status 4. But tomorrow I might forget some of them.

Can you make this an option, just like the ‘Remove card after successfully tested two times in a row’ option? Is it something tedious to implement? Thanks.


Every fix takes time. And we have lots of things in front of our developers.

Since it is not a big deal to you, and has not been raised by others, we are not going to spend any resources on this fix. Please wait until we have the filters in the Vocabulary page and then you can go through your Status 4 words again.

Meanwhile you can adjust the Status back to 3 while flash carding.

In any case, regardless when a word is moved to known , the chance remains that you will still forget it again. You just have to keep reading, listening and reviewing. Learning words is a bit of a Sisyphus-like task.

to have those filter is a good idea and I am really assuage to hear what you are writing with your Status 4 words.
I often have to bring a word back in Status 3
Sometimes I am frustrated when I cannot bring the words in my mind.

Another idea in addition:
sometimes I think I know a word only because I can remember on it for the last review (when it was a short time before)

Perhaps it could be possible to bring another arrangement (random sample) for the next review and not the same order as before.

I am in favour of introducing some randomization of the Priority LingQs, perhaps based on a larger list of priority LingQs, with only 25 showing up on a random basis every day.

We are also considering some kind of algorithm based spaced repetition system in the Vocabulary section.

I am interested in hearing the views of others on this. Since any of this does take programmer time. We need to make sure that whatever we do meets the needs of a large number of users.

In a way I feel it is a bit futile to focus too much on “learning” a list of words. If we do not meet them from time to time in content, we will forget them, and maybe they were not that important in the first case. And when we meet them again, we can always “LingQ” them again.

Yet I know that spaced repetition systems are quite popular with some learners. So please let us have your views.

I think both ideas are very good, and they will constitute great improvements to the vocabulary section. I use flashcards a lot, but I miss some things there, and I would like very much to have them improved.


At the risk of having you repeat something you have already said, what specifically would you like to see.

Since it is meaningless to review a new word too many times in a day, I think auto-incrementing the status is fine provided that the system limits the number of daily reviews of each new word.

Perhaps we can have the system to make sure that each new word is reviewed at most once a day. Then the 25 new words on the main page would be different from time to time, provided the user makes effort to review the new words. In this case, you don’t need to randomize the 25 new words on the main page. But I am also in favour of randomizing the list of words in a single flashcard session.

I am also in favour of implementing a spaced repetition system. If you do this, it will automatically cover the ‘daily review limit’ feature I mentioned above.

Thanks for the input Edwin. This is all grist for the mill as we move forward. Everyone has slightly different ways of studying, so the more input we get the better. Thanks for taking the time.