Flashcards are great - but one hint

Hi, I like the look of the new, smaller flashcards.

I think, there is one thing that can be improved. The button for the sound is behind the LingQ. When you look up the phrase there isn’t the button. In both cases the LingQ or the LingQ and the button are in the center.
So the LingQ only is on another place then the LingQ that comes with the audio button. This is not really eye friendly. Maybe you could find another place for the audio button. I hope my explanation is understandable.


I understand what you mean. We’ll see if we can figure out a better place for the Audio button to be. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I would be happy to see transcriptions of word on flashcards, but there is no place to fill it in my dictionary.


What do you mean by transcriptions?

Do you intend to change this? My eyes dislike the moving of the LingQs on the screen.

Hi Vera,

For now we will leave this as is. However, if we polish up flashcards again some time in the future we will see if this can be improved.

For the flashcard program, have you thought about using similar memorization principles as are used in anki? They do a memorization pattern using frequency dependent on how much you have gotten the word correct. The site is awesome, but the flashcard program appears to be a weakness.

The LingQs of the day do follow a SRS pattern. You can also export your vocab lists to Anki or other favourite SRS programs. We have no immediate plans to change or modify our frequency algorithm altho maybe one day.

I like Anki, but I’m also happy with the LingQ flashcard system as it is. It isn’t as well developed as something like Anki, but it’s very functional and the simplicity of it seems to be very much in keeping with Steve’s philosophy of language learning.