Flashcard status increasing

we could read about flashcards and how the status will be increase.

When I have to stop in the middle (time over or an interruption from…
or when I go to the vocabulary box and after then I have to start of new - does the system begin of new too?

Or can the system only increase the status when I work from start until finish?

I don’t know if my question is understandable?

Hi Irene,

Every time you begin again by refreshing the flashcards your status changes from the flashcard session are lost.

Does this mean that my manual changes of the Status in the Flash Card are lost?

No, this only refers to the automatic status change from the flashcard session. Any manual changes are permanent.

Is my understanding correct:

The changing in status can be increase only when I work with flashcards from beginning until the end without interruption (working with vocabulary or stop)?

With end I mean, the symstem shows me “There are no more flashcards left in this session”

If yes - can you change this in the way that the system can keep what I did before going to vocabulary?

When I have to begin with the first word again, that could be OK for me but the other point isn’t really agreeable.