Flashcard - question to the other users

when you have a word with different meanings and you know not exactly the meaning that is used in this phrase (you have as example)

  • do you give himself an “got it” or “ups”?

If the multiple meanings I have saved have all appeared in content in the past, then the phrase I have saved to that particular word doesn’t necessarily matter, as you can only save one phrase. I generally try to guess all the meanings of the word before I click “Got it”.

wow Chris, I think then I can take “got it” a long time :frowning: no more.
Often I know the correct using first after using the Hint.
Thanks for answer.

It’s interesting to know how other people use the Flashcard :slight_smile:
I save a word depend on meaning of the word. If the word have three meaning, I save the word three times or in three different phrases. When I remember that a meaning of the word within a phrase, also I remember that the word came from which sentence, I take “Got it”. I can take many “Got it” easier than Chris but otherwise, I loose my motivation to review :frowning: