Flashcard - correction

If you want to correct a word - you want to learn - and you have to correct it because it is written in a wrong way, you have there the sign of a pencil.
But if you click on this little symbol, the word disappears nearly complete. You can no longer read it.
Is there a possibility to control it for you?

i have a doubt, how do i level up? because it does not let me to see the blue word if i dont level up :confused:

Hi! Would you let us know if this is occurring on the Lesson page or the Vocabulary page or both?

Hi! You can upgrade your account at any time from the Account page. Just hover over your username at the top right, then click on “Account”. Hope this helps!

Hi Alex,
it is, if I work with the Words of the Day vocabulary flashcards.

Thanks! I’ve added this to our list and we’ll look at getting this fixed :slight_smile: