Flashcard button on lesson page is not working

the flashcard button in the lesson page is mute… nothing happens. I tried a couple of different lessons. The edit and print buttons are ok, and the javascript function name of the flashcard button appears in the status bar normally, but it simply does not run the function. I’m on Firefox running on windows 7.

the same with the flashcard link on the vocabulary page… I guess you’ve taken the open_flashcard function away from the server… the only way I can see flashcards is by the lingqs of the day email…

there is a problem with the flash cards but it seems erratic. Earlier today I could not access the Flash Cards from the Lessons page, then I could and then I couldn’t again. We’ll get there. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I’m new here at Lingq- I love it. I’m also having a problem with the flashcards. I don’t know if it’s the new system or maybe I don’t know what I’m doing yet. Anyway, I am unable to advance my status (1,2,3,4) I’ve read the instructions on double-clicking “got it” which does not work, also hitting “enter” on the keyboard doesn’t work. The spacebar functions properly as does the arrows. The only way I can advance them is to hit “Edit Lingq” and manually adjust the number-(1) and hit save.


You are lucky that you can access the flash cards since we are having issues. I cannot access my flash cards right now so I cannot check things out. However, when I was using them I had no problems. Let’s see what Mark has to say.

Yeah- accessing is no problem. Thanks- Bill

Ana Paula, I just noticed that I had a Flash Card page open but hidden behind my main Firefox tabs. When I closed it I was again able to access my flash cards. Could this be the problem? I will continue to experiment. But for now I can access my flash cards. Has anyone else experienced problems accessing the flash cards?

yes, Steve, I could found this tricky window and make my flashcards visible again! :slight_smile: thanks.
It seems that if while waiting for flashcards to open, one happens to hit the main page with the mouse, the flashcard window goes silently to the background… that can be the explanation to the seemingly erratic behavior…
Now, the only issue that remains is this tremendous delay for opening lessons. I know you’re working on it already, but I was wondering whether removing some items from my lessons page – which is quite cluttered – could help…

Ahh…I see what the problem is. We will add some code to force the flashcard window to the front as we do with the dictionary popup on the lesson page.

@ locofoco - Is the status of the cards not changing or is it that the cards are not being removed from your deck? Do you have “Remove when status increased” ticked in your flashcard settings? If not, cards will not be removed from the deck. If the status is simply not changing, tell us what browser you are using.

Mark- The “remove when status increased” is ticked. The cards are never removed because the status never moves off of (1) . I’m using Windows Vista. Thanks.

@ locofoco - Are you using Internet Explorer 8?

Yes, Explorer 8.

Sorry, I’m wrong- my wife says we’re running Explorer 7. It’s a new computer less than a year old.

I use IE7 too, but it works for me with smaller problems. I use keys as well as the mouse clicks. In the second go the flashcards are not shown in the correct order. Some were missed. But I described this problem earlier.

Locofoco, do you go two times through the cards? The status increases in the second go, not in the first go.

Yes, I can go through the cards numerous times. They never change. I must use “edit Lingq”, change the status manually and hit save. I am still learning though, it’s not a big inconvience. Thanks- Bill

Yes, I can go through the cards numerous times. They never change. I must use “edit Lingq”, change the status manually and hit save. I am still learning though, it’s not a big inconvience. Thanks- Bill

It looks like these functions are a bit hit and miss at the moment in all browsers. They can seem to change on the card but are not changed in the system. We will fix these issues.

Hi! I’ve had a problem since yesterday. If I click on “Flash cards” or “Close tests” buttons in my e-mail box “English LingQs of the day”, I redirect to the page http://go.madmimi.com/http://lingq.com/learn/en/vocabulary/?lotd_date=2013-11-01&batch=25#flashcards. Is it normal? Thank you.

@prosumer - Sorry about this, seems to be an issue with our email provider. We’ve contacted them and hope to get this fixed soon. In the meantime, you can just delete everything before “lingq.com” in that link and you’ll be able to access the vocabulary page.