Flashcard audio not working

I am trying to listen to the words in the flashcard test by clicking on the audio button, but it doesn’t seem to work. I tried in both Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. Can anyone help?


i have the same problem here. Firefox/ubuntu. in the flashcards, dictation and multiple choice. In vocabulary.


The latest Firefox update has broken the text to speech. We are working on a fix. Internet explorer should still be working.

I am using Internet Explorer browser all the time.Besides i have a few problems.I thought that we must reboot the computer.


yo soy con Explorer mais ça ne marche pas pour moi non plus…

Just wondering if this will be fixed soon. It is a really useful feature. The text-to-speech is also not working in Internet Explorer.

Thanks for letting us know about IE. We’re spending some time on these issues and aim to have text-to-speech working for all browsers in our next update. For now, I notice that Chrome is working properly, so I might recommend using that in the meantime.

Thanks for the advice, Alex. I am having the same problem in IE9 and Firefox 13.0.1 on Windows 7 x64. As far as I know, my flash player is up to date. Google Chrome works perfectly, though.

@nestorga - If you prefer using Firefox, you can also downgrade to version 12.0, in which text-to-speech should still be working properly.

Thanks. It is working fine in the Chrome browser.