Flash cards

Recently I started to use lingq’s flash cards for they work for me using my iPhone and iPad. I think they are great my only question is: do you think we will be able to add new words directly instead of having to import or going to directly to lingq. I would love to see a “add new flash card”. I usually and while I am reading a book I find a few words that I like to add immediately for further study. Your thoughts.

Errata: going directly to lingq?

@arenas - That’s not a bad idea but is not something that is going to be in our next version of the ipod app. Perhaps in the version after…

You can add terms in the Vocabulary section. If you have a list of terms in the Vocabulary section, you can export them as a CSV file on to your desktop. Then you can email them to yourself and go through them on your iPhone or iPad.

By the way Ruben, how do you find Lingqing on your iPad?

Thanks Mark and Steve. I presently add new words in the Vocabulary section. I even import small lists of word I create with other programs, but it would be nice to add them directly as with “flashcard touch” by Quizlet. I have a new word, I immediately add it as a new flash card in the new word list section. I like to say that LingQ’s flash cards are better, specially when using iPad.
I think Steve that iPad is fantastic to study my lessons at LingQ. I read the lesson as reading a page of a book, I then listen to the recording and then study my pending lingqs. This is better than a laptop for in less than 30 seconds you can be lingqing.

Ruben, are you able to create new LingQs on the iPad?

By the way, it may be easier to just import a list of new terms from a book, for example, as content,then that content item will appear as a lesson on the iPod flash cards. You can then continue to add new terms on that lesson in the Import section, thus increasing the words that you can review on your iPod. Just a thought.

But I understand what you are saying and maybe we will be able to do this in the future.

Yes Steve. I can create new LingQs. It is even easier than with a mouse. All I have to do is tap the word I need to highlight and voilà!
I will try your suggestion for in the past I have been adding new words but they won’t show at iPad flash cards.
iPhone and iPad really puts us closer to our learning languages. I use every little time wasted otherwise waitIng for your food at a restaurant, while having coffee or waiting at the car wash. In those five, ten or fifteen minutes I would waste waiting, now I can use them wisely either lingqing or reading a lesson.