Flash cards suddenly don't work

When I launch flash cards, they contain the word and the definition, but the whole section at the bottom with the "Oops! “and the” I got it! "has disappeared. Anyone know if it is something I did or a system problem? Thanks, Chris

=> Same here.
Cannot use flashcards anymore because no buttons show up and no keyboard shortcuts are working :frowning:
Tested in Firefox and Chrome

i havent been able to use lingq properly since yesterday, and now the flash cards as well. glad to know its not my computer at fault.

It seems they did an update yesterday :frowning:

Yes, the vocabulary section doesn’t work properly today.
Not only flashcards, but also the multiple choice - it’s impossible to go from one word to another.
The word box is frozen.

The HTML that handles the “oops” and “got it” buttons is missing from the page markup.

@all - we will look into it. Sorry for any inconvenience!