Flash Cards for app

Is there a way to set iLingQ so that it gives me twenty five cards for a session like on the vocabulary page rather than all hundred something that are in the lesson?

I second that! I think this would be really useful so that you can focus on a smaller set of flash cards at once for the bigger lessons. I have some lessons which introduce over 500 new words, and it is very difficult to manage and use such a large set of flashcards.

@Dmlyum - At the moment it isn’t possible to grab a random 25 LingQs from your Vocabulary list. However, you can review your LingQs of the Day through the app. For longer lessons, what I might recommend is actually going through the text on iLingQ and tapping on LingQs to adjust their status right there. This allows you to both review the LingQs in context and allows you to easily skip over LingQs that you don’t want to review at that time.