Flash cards are buggy

Flash Cards inhibited awful … The time between pressing the Tab and audio playback sometimes reaches 10 seconds, and then it may be necessary to press Tab multiple times, and not the fact that the sound will sound at all. That’s how long it took to listen to all 200 words (phrases)? So it is possible half a day to sit at the computer and do not repeat all the words (phrases)…
P.S.: The same happens when you press the “2” or “3” or “1” … This fact discourages any desire to learn.

Apparently the entire site is running very slowly. Everything is slow!

They are working on it. (see Slowness Issue When Saving Lingqs - Language Forum @ LingQ).

Hopefully new users to LingQ won’t think that this is the way the system typically works.

This is very frustrating to me also.

@Grayeagle - There are some intermittent performance issues as pmilone mentioned. We are not sure what is causing the slowness as we haven’t done anything to the site recently and the servers don’t seem under unusually heavy loads. We are working with our hosting provider to try and figure out what is causing these issues. If you are having problems, try refreshing a few times which often seems to reset the connection to the server. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I certainly understand that it is not really all and at once perfectly set up. But just before site sometimes a bit slow, but now even work with texts is not possible: highlight words may be displayed translation for the previous of the highlighted word. This has happened before, but very rarely.
I hope that you will be able to eliminate these problems.
Thank you, my respect for you and good luck!