Flash cards and other issues /questions (Ukrainian)

I’m using LingQ for Ukrainian. I have a few issues. I use LingQ both on desktop and on Android.


  1. LingQ doesn’t sync across devices when it comes to learning streaks. When I use it on my phone, it doesn’t recognise that as a day of use on my desktop.

  2. It also doesn’t recognise if the SRS review has been completed on 1 device, so if I’ve already done the review on desktop there will still be one do to on my phone.

  3. Flashcard settings don’t update across devices.

  4. On Android, transliteration suddenly appeared on Flashcards and there is no way to remove it.

  5. I’ve tried changing settings of Flashcards on both Android and desktop to get more flashcards showing the English first so that you have to remember the Ukrainian. However, when I change the settings, nothing seems to influence this.

  6. Matching the Ukrainian audio of a word to to the multiple choice of the word written in Ukrainian is pretty useless for learning. How do I turn this off?

  7. Is there such a thing as “default” flashcard settings so that I can reset them and try to start again in setting them the way I want to?