Flash card problems

When I try to use the multiple choice card tool it has problems:

  1. Sound does not work.
  2. My default setting does not work. It set to removed card on up level. The selection is removed and the cards stay there.

These problems I have not seem before.

On top of that, when I extract my known card, I get some funny csv file where the Polish language becomes spaghetti. Why the change of format?

I have the same problem too

Sound does not run in English flashcards today. Could you please repair it. Thanks a lot.

The technical team has been informed and are currently working to fix them! Expect to see results shortly!

The audio issue has been resolved. Thanks for your patience!

yes, you fixed it. However, the voice is now so terrible and slow that I might not want to use it ever again. It is so slow that it almost put me to sleep.