Flash card change

I recently changed my number of LingGs of the day to 50 from 25, and the last two days, instead of random selections from my LingQs, the Flashcards give me a list of words and phrases beginning with A. I can see the random words in the email, but can’t access this in Flashcards. Did I screw something up when I changed the number of LingQs?

Hi Louise,
If you click on Flashcards, you will get all terms from page bellow on your vocabulary list. If you change the page you will see that your Flashcards will change too.
Also, you can access your Flashcards from Daily LingQs email if you click on “Due For Review (SRS)” button, select the date and click on Flashcards after that.
Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any additional questions!

I noticed that when I click on the flashcard icon on the upper left corner of the screen, I can get the vocabulary below in flashcards. However, if I click on the popup for flashcards, which I have been using for over a year, it now gives me only words and phrases beginning with “A”. Thank you for your suggestion, I will avoid using the popup from now on.

I noticed that the pop-up for Flashcards now works. Either it fixed itself, or someone on your team did. Thanks so much.