Flags with number of words (it's a small issue, I know)

Hey, guys. I was just wondering about one thing in my profile: why can I only see the flag with the number of the words belonging to the language I am currently using? Isn’t there a way for me to see all the “flags” together, like a total chart of my overall progress in all LingQ languages.

Thanks for your attention and I am sorry for disturbing you with such an unimportant question.

I see all of my flags. I will leave it to people better informed than me to answer.

Just me say, however, that I had the pleasure of meeting elefantevoador in Lisbon a few weeks ago. He is the real deal, an enthusiastic and very capable language learner, linguist, polyglot, whatever you want. Happy to have him in our community here at LingQ. Cheers amigo!

@elefantevoador365 - It’s set up to only show languages that you’re actively studying. Otherwise for most users it will just show a huge list of zeroes :slight_smile: A language will show up in your list once you have accumulated at least 5 Known Words in that language, so if you’d like all of the languages to show up then just add a few Known Words for each.

@alex - That doesn’t seem to be the solution. I also have a total of 360 words in Italian, but my profile only shows the flags for German (1093) and Chinese (7638).

I haven’t actively used Italian here in a long while, but Steve’s profile shows all 12/13 of his flags.

Edit: I also just checked elefantevoador’s profile and only see the flag for his English, although he actually has thousands of words in Chinese, Spanish, etc…

@LFJ - Hmm, interesting. Thanks for noting this. We’ll try to figure out why this is happening.

I am currently using French, Spanish, Chinese, Enlgish and Japanese in a somewhat active way. It’s very strange indeed.
Steve, obrigado pelo elogio! Foi um grande prazer conhecer-te! :slight_smile: