Flagging a hint (suggestion)

A while ago a new feature was introduced that allowed users to flag hints that they felt were incorrect. I like the idea but to be honest I don’t use it. The only time I can flag a hint is when I first create the LingQ. The problem is, I don’t know if that is a good hint at that point because I don’t know the word. I typically find out much later when I notice I can’t remember the word so I look up alternative LingQs. Other times I might know one of the hints listed is likely wrong because they have different definitions or pronunciations. Unfortunately I don’t know which to flag until after I click the ‘search dictionary’ button… meaning I can’t flag it once I know it should be flagged.

I can’t say bad hints are frequent but if I was able to flag hints after initially creating a LingQ then I would probably flagging a couple each week. Can the ability to flag hints after the initial creation of a LingQ be added?

I think this is a good idea.

I often came across bad hints when I learn with my daugther on LingQ because she has less known words then I have. Most of the wrong hints are hints in foreign languages, and they are ease to spot.

But my daughter prefers the small screen. She hides the right sidebar. But if you do this, hover over a LingQ and choose a translation, there is no way to flag the wrong hint. Often she refuses then to open the right sidebar and flag the hint, because it stops her in her learning process. I would love to have this feature in the hover-over-a-LingQ mode as well.

Another point is that in less frequent language combination, and with no experienced users (how many know about this feature?), it can last years before 3 people flag the same hint. If you would give me a list with the flagged LingQs for the German-English or German-French combinations I could easily say you which ones are wrong. Maybe you should consider to proove the flags by experienced users.

Another point is that there are sometimes two lines for identical hints. Maybe it is because in one of them are spaces added, in the other not?

I have mentioned these problems in the past. You can flag a hint after making the LingQ, but that requires deleting the LingQ and then reselecting the word. I do it sometimes when the error is large and LingQ has been LingQed many times.

I personally feel that LingQs should be deleted upon their first flagging, or failing that, at least on their second. To be honest, i have yet to come across a LingQ that has been flagged by somebody else. I sometimes come across ones that I have flagged.

I also think that a keyboard shortcut would be useful. I recently started using the keyboard a lot more and I find that it is too much effort to flag hints when I have to grab the mouse to do it, especially since I doubt the flagged hint will ever be deleted.

Also… I think they should write a script to remove all the Russian typed hints for English users. I see Russian hints for German words all the time… And its really too slow for me to flag all of them

Good idea. And it is especially slow given that very few of them will ever actually be deleted. Is it possible to remove all hints with the wrong alphabet in one go?

Thanks for all the suggestions on this. We know it needs to be improved and we have plans to do so.

Thanks Mark.