Flag question

I am wondering why just Portuguese on LingQ won a flag with a half Brazilan flag and a half Portuguese flag. I know this is kind of foolish doubt, but I’m really curious about this. Doesn’t make sense because the other languages have a flag of just one country, even though these languages are spoken by many countries.

@Beatrizm - thanks for your curiosity :slight_smile: Actually, we decided to make an exception for Portuguese based on multiple requests from supporters of both Portuguese and Brazilian flags. We are not planning to do it for other languages as it would be really tricky, let’s say, for English which is spoken in many countries.

@Beatrizm - I don’t think it is a foolish doubt. I have wondered why that happens as well. Following the same logic, we would have a flag for the English speaking countries based on the flags of Britain, USA, Australia, just to mention a few, and the same for other languages.
I guess I was not a Lingq member at that time, but I’m curious about the arguments used to have this mixed flag.