Fixing wrong known word count?

In the past I have completed lessons with wrong word splits that give fake known words and was wondering if it was possible to edit known word counts either through support help or in the profile settings. For example I have 1051 Spanish known words but 9 are fake because I go to my vocab section and see only 1042 known words in known word section (after applying filters). Is there any way to edit on the main menu that 1051 to reflect the accurate 1042? Thanks!

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I have had similar experiences with other languages, sometimes when you read the specific material they add invisible words when you complete the lesson. I was wondering if there is a way to undo, or fix these invisible words as well? I have seen support staff fix it for others on the site but I wondering is there a way for myself to do so?

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If you didn’t create a lingQ for it and you mark it as know directly it doesn’t appear in your vocabulary list. In Russian I have between 4,000 and 5,000 words that are marked with level 4 or known, although my known word count is over 15,000


Oh interesting I never noticed this because I started from square 1 on lingq so I lingqed everything. Would you know if there was a to find those words that didn’t have lingqs made for them and re-ling them because I don’t know those words they just happened to have wrong word splits etc.

List of known words isn’t available I am afraid. But, as @PatricioIglesias said, you can make words known and add them into known words stats without LingQing them first. You can also ignore them if they are irrelevant.
We will deal with “ghost” known words issue in our update to 5.0 version too, that should be taken care of.

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When will the new update happen and is that the same update that changes user interface etc or am I thinking about something else?

Should be at the end of summer.

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I’ve also had 200 known words just been added to my french count even though the lesson I clicked through was written in english! (I was trying the lingq extension on a website)

Even if words are in English, they will be added as known when you complete a lesson. You will need to ignore them before completing it or simple do not import English words in French material.

Instead of ignoring the words with the curser, when you see English words simply click “x”, it’s a shortcut to click “ignore word”. I’ve found it much more faster.