Fixed width

I don’t find the fixed width, introduced in the new layout, to be a user-friendly solution.
On the one hand, LingQ can not be used on resolutions, less than 1280x* any more, while most offices are still equipped with 1024x* screens. Even on my 1280x1024, that I use at home, I now can’t zoom the font, what I often used to do with LingQ before. Using LingQ on my old, but handy 800x480 netbook is now not possible at all. On the other hand, those with larger screen-resolutions can’t decide, which line length they like (normally you can just resize the window).

I’ll second this.

I always used to zoom to 200% or more to get the words nice and big. LingQ 2.0 seems to be very awkward when you try to do this.

Perhaps there is an easy solution.

For smaller screens, we recommend using the minimized view. This then allows you to zoom more effectively if you need to. Fixed width text is something that is actually very common on virtually any news site or blog (sites that display text), and is designed to make it easier to read and also to give users a more consistent experience across browsers and devices.

eugrus and ozzeruk82 are 100% right, here. Resizing of the lines of a lesson was a great feature on this site. Who cares if Fixed-width text is common? It’s a bother on other sites, and now it seems it’s a bother on this one. Who gives a care about “more consistent experience across browsers”? Not me.

Being able to view the lessons only at 100% or less w/o the having to page across the screen will ruin usability of the lessons for me. But I don’t know yet, actually, as the lessons haven’t loaded completely for me since the upgrade. I guess we’ll see.

We don’t have any immediate plans to revert from the new fixed-width setup, but your feedback is appreciated Ernie.

We understand that there is concern here. We will focus on getting rid of bugs and then look at what we can do to improve user experience for different situations. But first let’s get everything working, and allow the dust to settle for users getting used to a new system and then let’s look at where we stand. Appreciate the feed back and patience. Things are looking a lot better now than 24 hours ago, and we are learning.