Fix the flashcard bug!

I told you about this bug in a previous post, here is a video showing the flashcard bug. I would also like to reiterate my opinion that the thermometer is a waste of space and should be optional at best.

I just created 112 Lingqs in a new lesson. If I click on the first digit (2) then the list of words appears on the right, and I can use the flashcards and other tools. I cannot get too close to the settings sprocket, though, nor too far to the left (on the 2nd digit), or it won’t work.

@Bonnenouvellejonny, previously, I suggested viewing the site with the browser zoom set to 100%. This will fix the layout issue and make clicking on the LingQ number easier.
If you want to view the LingQ’s for flashcards etc… try clicking on the number and not the text. But if the browser zoom is set to 100%, clicking on the text, “LingQ’s”, works fine as well.


@khardy, we’re looking into improving the CTA area’s. Thanks for letting us know.

Looks & works much better this morning; I assume that’s your doing. Using Chrome on Linux, btw.

@Kiranlingq. Your suggestion worked but it is not acceptable to have the lingqs and configuration link sqaushed together into a space so small that I have to zoom out to click on one of them. Imagine I was a new user, unaware of the existence of the flashcards, how would I access them?

There should be a seperate link on the page that says ‘review flashcards’ or something similar. What you had before was great, I don’t know why you felt the need to pull a perfectly good clock off the wall and savage it with ‘improvements’.

Sorry about that. I can see it’s a hassle to review your LingQ’s if you prefer the zoom set to 125%. I’ve already informed the developers.

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