Fix remaining blue words that turn into known words when the lesson is finished

I have accidentally added more than 100 words over a few languages due to this very annoying glitch.

Hi Oxygen,
That’s not a glitch, that’s how it always worked. Once when a lesson is completed, all remaining blue words became known automatically.
You can’t leave any blue words behind in completed lessons, make sure to make all words known, ignored or LingQ’s when going through pages and before completing a lesson.

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Thats the problem. Many lessons show a number of blue words that are not in the lesson. For example, when I am doing lessons there maybe be ~ 10 to 20 new words, BUT it says that there are 40-50+ I go through the lesson and there are only those 10-20 and at the end of the lesson there are no more new words, but it still says there are (whatever number, it is random). If you complete the lesson it then adds those words from nowhere.

Can confirm that this happens for me as well, mostly when studying French. @Oxygen, for the time being simply do not complete the lesson. Take care of all the blue words that actually are in the lesson and then simply don’t click “complete”.


I have suggested a quick work around for this problem several times, but most members seem to believe the programmers will fix it. This has not happened.
I know there appears to be too many lessons to correct on your own, but if they are done as reviewed, it takes less than a minute per lesson.
Steps to correct a lesson.

  1. Go to “Edit” the lesson.
  2. Replace any word (Ex. de in French) and the space before and after, with the number 9.
  3. “Save” NOT “Save and Open”
  4. Return to the number 9, and replace it with the original word (Ex. de in French)
  5. “Save and Open”
  6. Done and fixed for good.

Actually all that needs to be done is lesson re-split and it will be fixed. On the Edit Lesson page click on the Re-split Text button on the left, that will automatically re-split the text and save a lesson.
All French lessons with hyphenated words have this issue at the moment and the only way is to fix them manually by resplitting until we find better solution. I’ve fixed myself lot of lessons already.


Actually there is no Re-split Text button if it is not your own lesson.
I have seen you recommend this easy fix before, and others have pointed out that members do not have this Re-split Text option in our edit screen, unless it is your own lesson.
I was simply trying to help other members that may be as frustrated as me with this continuing problem.

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Yeah, this is super annoying. I just went through and made all blue words into LingQs or known words, and then when I completed the lesson it suddenly added 20 extra known words. The lesson is not mine, so I assume I can’t edit it.

If you don’t click complete, however, then it doesn’t add that lesson to the number of words read.

In a way, the easiest thing would be to have a function where you could subtract known words in the same way that you can add or subtract time listened and words read. In that way, you could finish a lesson and then just subtract from your total known words the number of extra known words that were erroneously counted.

On the one hand, how important is an accurate word count? As long as the system incorrectly adds words in a somewhat regular way, does it really matter? On the other hand, 15 incorrectly added words per day doesn’t seem like much, but in a year that equates to over 5,000 words added to “known words” that aren’t actually known words.

In researching this I have found threads dating back 8 years regarding issues with this feature. At what point is this feature seen as more problematic than helpful? I believe I reset a language once because of this and am considering doing it again. I was flipping through the pages too quickly while browsing a chapter and accidentally added over 400 words to my known words. “Click each one” is not a solution. “Undo” is a solution.

Also, I disabled this feature months ago but just today resumed my premium account. I assume that having my account on pause reset the settings? If I only I would have been prompted with “Are you sure you want to add ‘425’ known words?”

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This didnt work. I selected resplit and the lesson was saved.
The words did not revert from know to unknown. So discouraging to have known words be overstated by 600. It has become a meaningless tracker at this point