Fix LingQ Reading Page with Greasemonkey

Download Greasemonkey for Firefox or Chrome

Install this script: Dance Party

Set* as an “included” page
(you can change that to* or whatever to make it only work on the reading page)

Restart browser.

This script currently:
Removes the background image
Changes background color to gray for more contrast (I actually think I may have this too dark)
Removes Pokemon thing at the bottom of the reading pane.

Sorry LingQ. It had to be done


Next update;

Lighter background
(nearly) FULLSCREEN reading / details pane

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good idea. I’m still playing around. If you come up with anything else, send it over

Okay a few minor changes. I changed the background color again to an offwhite lingq is using elsewhere, increased the content/reading pane a bit, and removed the rest of the clouds.

Great! Thank you so much! Works like a charm …

Every once in a while I tend to do something useful around here. Now, I hope Steve takes a look and makes the changes permanent

Yes, major improvement on the reading page. Thanks!

The dashboard or whatever on the right panel is still hard to work with. Guess nothing can be done but wait.

Can I make some new believers?




I have installed this script and it is a great improvement. Thanks for bringing this app back to its main purpose of reading documents, without all the deleterious eye-candy.

Not sure if this can be achieved via your script, but if I hide the word-definitions pane (by pressing on the << tab) then it would be great if the reading pane expanded out to the right to fill the space.

Thanks spatterson. This is a huge improvement. I hope the guys at LingQHQ check it out.

To be fair, a lot of people seem very happy with the new release. It could be that just a few people (including me and - it seems - you) find the eye-candy distracting and the bugs and performance issues to be showstoppers. With this in mind, I have decided to stop using LingQ and have asked for my paid membership to be downgraded to a free membership. If, a few weeks or months from now, the future direction of the product is more inline with my own use-case, I will go back to paid membership.

Funny i just turned 30. im out of the age group i guess

I think the upgrade is generally quite good and the technical difficulties will be solved soon I suspect. The only thing I really think is a mistake is the pokemon power-up bar being put at the bottom of the reading interface. I hope this will be removed. The least important feature of the website should not cover several lines of the most important part of the website.

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We get it. You guys are so serious about languages that you want to remove all the fun… :slight_smile: We’re glad you have a way of getting the interface you want! However, if we are only able to attract and retain the super keeners that shrinks the potential userbase of LingQ dramatically. That is why we are trying to make it more fun and easy to use. Sure, there are some glitches we are working through and we thank you for your patience with these. In general, we are trying to broaden our appeal while still making sure we maintain and improve the functionality for all.

Regarding the dictionary, I’m not sure what the issue is. It works fine for me. This is the first I’ve heard of it not working. It essentially shows up in a separate window that can be resized and moved. We are going to be try and improve this functionality so any resizing and moving will be remembered.

Thanks for sharing. It is a huge improvement for me also! LingQ could perhaps allow users to open lessons like this as an option.

As I said above, we are going to be improving the dictionary so the size and placement are remembered. We need to close it automatically at the moment for technical reasons but it opens pretty quickly so we hope this won’t be a problem. The default dictionary is the last one you looked at.

@ mark

I just want to point out that one of the popular German-English dictionaries,, pops out in a new window. The new floating dictionary box is useless when using I guess I will just make it as small as possible and stick it in the bottom corner of the screen.

Pretty interfaces attract new users. Robust features keep them.

Okay I’ll make 3 suggestions for those “power users” (or just people out of the age group)

Move pokemon – I hear you’re doing that
Add a “Dim the Lights” type button that removes the background while reading.
Add a “Expand reading pane” button that expands the reading pane to 60% of the header size and the sidebar to 40%

Other than that, the site update works pretty well. The new Lessons page is nice. Give me a search by unknown words and then improve site performance by 500% and I’ll be happy

@spatterson well done. Thanks for the script :slight_smile:

I would suggest LingQ doing a survey regarding what are the most important services users would like to have from LingQ, especially for those who has been here for a while. I think the results will hugely help both the members and the LingQ itself.

For me, the most important services I would like to have from LingQ are mainly about “reading experiences”. For example,

  • the performance of opening pages, searching articles, etc.
  • how easy to find the articles I am interested in and suit me.
  • the eye-comfort reading set-ups (background color, font size, font color etc.)

I do appreciate other services, such as, exchange, forum, etc., and I did use them from time to time. But, I think I’m a little bit old-fashioned. It reminds me an old saying: Do One Thing & Do It Well :slight_smile: