First time user experience

The general idea behind the site seems great, but I’m so frustrated and confused as a first time user. There’s so much information presented at the same time, I have no idea what I’m doing. I selected a language and found the lessons page, and everything is out of order? (sorted by time since someone liked them??). I selected a few lessons, and began clicking around to get an understanding of the grey/yellow/blue highlights. ~“Yea nice, this seems like a good way of learning!” Error: LingQs Limit Exceeded. ~“What??? Ok, how do I remove linqs?, I probably don’t want to keep the ones I’ve selected anyway…” I then proceed to spend over 10 minutes looking for the linqs page. I remove a bunch of things I definitely don’t need to practice. Error: LingQs Limit Exceeded.

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Yes, we do limit access to the site to 20 LingQs. You do still have access to all the content but to create LingQs and track vocabulary you have to pay. However, we do realize the limit can come very quickly so what I can do for you is to add an additional 100 LingQs to your limit so you can continue exploring.
100 Free LingQs are now added to your account.
If you need more, invite friends to join LingQ. For each friend who joins you both get 100 LingQs. Visit the invite page for more details - Login - LingQ. Enjoy!

Thanks mate, I’ll give it another spin after work!

You should consider raising the cap for new starters; otherwise you don’t really have a chance to form an opinion about the site, let alone get invested before being asked to pay for it. I think you’d catch a lot more subscribers that way. Another option would be to give people the first month for half the price (I’d definitely jump on that).


I am having the same problems. I don’t know how/where to ask about things. What does import mean?, what does “paging” mean?, what do you do with grey phrases?, who decides what my "target is? (they send me email to say how much time I have to make MY target), etc, etc. I need somebody to walk me through the first few days. Got any ideas?

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Hi… I’m having the same experience. I deleted my LinQ’s as I learned them… but now no more LinQ’s? I keep getting emails telling me I need to hit my daily target, but when I log in its already exceeded.

@e11eme I added 100 Free LingQs on your account too. Enjoy.

@ij32920 I’m sorry you are having so much trouble. The general idea is that you want to get rid of the blue words on the lesson page and create LingQs (yellow words) for the words you don’t understand or want to learn better. When you click on a blue word you see different hints for that word in the dashboard on the right-hand side of the page. Choose one of the hints or check the dictionary to create your own hint. You can also tell us if you know the word already or you may sometimes want to ignore the word and not include it in your stats.

The best place to start is by taking a look at the resources on the Academy page - Login - LingQ.

It seems simple but it is very powerful. You are learning from the language itself. Listen, read and create LingQs. Then, as you read that lesson again or future lessons, you will review these yellow LingQs in new contexts. It is this process of seeing the same words in multiple contexts that leads to accelerated vocabulary growth. And, vocabulary level is the best indicator of ability in a language especially if you have “earned” it from your reading and listening. Try meeting your targets. You won’t be disappointed. Your brain learns on its own just as you learned your first language.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!

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Hi shiasu,
And others. You’ll want to peruse the link that Zoran provided to go into all the aspects of LingQ. It can be overwhelming to start off with.

Regarding the navigation, when you first enter lingQ it will start you on the “Library” tab…more specifically with the “Lesson Feed” left menu option selected as well. This indeed is a list of articles recently read/liked by users in your language. This will give you some ideas of what folks may be reading recently which you might find interesting or useful. You can filter this by your level or range of levels near the top of this list.

If just starting out you might want to click on “Guided Course” on the lefthand menu and choose your level. Depending on the language there should hopefully be some more structure groups of lessons…“Courses”. This is usually content supplied by the LingQ team or others who have created a more structured set of lessons. There should be some easier lessons to get you started if you choose Beginner 1 or 2.

Once you’ve tried a “lesson”, then it will appear in the “My Lessons” tab. You can toggle this between lessons and “course” view (course may simply be a collection of articles in some case and not necessarily a structured course). Under Vocabulary tab you would find vocabulary that you’ve come across in the lessons you’ve read.

Hopefully that gives a basic layout of what’s available. There’s much more but I think you’ll want to take a look at Zoran’s link for more details.

Thank you Zoran

can i have some too please

@MaSolla Sure, done. :slight_smile:

thanks :wink: