First success

Recently I have watched Tony Robbins video. He was speaking about importance of a first success. You can’t make a big progress without it. You are not usually so satisfied in terms of another successes. But first one is crucial. You realize you can continue whatever you do.

When it comes to my language learning, my success was understanding of 2 minutes long video on youtube. I even forgot that I listened to English. I was quite happy.

What was your first success?

My first success was reading of a whole book in English without a need to refer to a dictionary. Although I understood approximately 80-90% of the book, I was quite happy with that and that gave me a boost to read more and more. That had a significant impact on my further development. Another such thing was when I guided an Australian guy around Warsaw, speaking English for the whole day. I’ve never had such an opportunity before and even now I’m surprised at how much confidence this one day gave me.