First steps learning farsi / persian

what have been you’re first steps learning farsi / persian?
What are you’re recommendations?
Did you directly start with the mini stories or did you first learn the alphabet?
How did you learn the alphabet?

I tried starting Persian here but found it difficult without TTS, especially since short vowels aren’t typically written. I’d studied Arabic in college so learning the alphabet didn’t take long. The most confusing thing at first was that different letters could make the same sound, and I’d frequently read letters as though they were Arabic.

I ended up getting a tutor and textbook and have been learning through weekly lessons and homework since spring. I’ve yet to start reading here on Lingq, but I probably wouldn’t find it as frustrating anymore with the foundation I’ve been building.

In class we use the textbook “Persian in Use”, but it’s a little pricey. I also got the book “Beginner’s Persian (Iranian Farsi) with Online Audio”. It’s cheaper and not bad at all to start with. It’s also useful to install a Persian keyboard and learn how to type with it, though I’ve found you will frequently be understood if you write with Latin letters at first.

You can learn from here from day one by using the alphabet lessons and then some of the other beginner lessons (I’d wait on the mini-stories), but if I had to start over, I’d choose a beginner’s textbook with audio from day one, and come to read here a little later.


Thank you for you’re answer! I think I’ll look for a course and/or book too.

Let’s see if others also share their experience.

A couple of years ago I purchased Assimil’s “Persisch ohne Mühe”, Copyright 2019. It looks to be very high quality, good audio, writing exercises are included alongside the early lessons. Unfortunately I never found the time to indulge, hopefully some day. So, I can’t provide a proper review, sorry. Assimil have a couple of example lessons / audio here:


A couple of resources that might help you:

-Chai and Conversation podcast and youtube channel
-GLOSS ( which has lots of lessons with downloadable transcripts and matching audio, which you could put into Lingq.
-I am a big fan of Pimsleur to get your feet wet with speaking, especially if your library has it for free. I believe their Persian course is only two levels, but I remember it being helpful.


I bought the book “Beginner’s Persian” recommended by Ryanaissace. The book starts with exercises to learn the alphabet. Afterwards there are exercises like for other language (hello, how are you, …). Meanwhile I did all the exercises to learn the alphabet and the first “real” exercises. I’m still very far from reading the letters fluently, but I feel like I’ve advanced a lot.

I also listened to the podcast “Chai and conversation” recommended by HaroldLanguage. It’s entertaining.

But there was one letter in the exercises I couldn’t figure out which is. Maybe someone here can help. It’s the orange letter in the photos. I also couldn’t find the letter in the Persian computer keyboard.


That’s the handwritten middle attached form of He - ه . Attached middle form looks like this typed out - ـهـ . This page has some more info - He - Persian Language Online

Not sure if someone has already recommended it, but that site is also a great resource.

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Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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Meanwhile I started a classic language course (for the german ones: at a Volkshochschule). After a few clases I was disappointed. It wasn’t possible to learn there. The teacher was talking a lot about the persian grammar in german.

Now I got back to Lingq and wanted to try it with the mini sotries. I learned the alphabet and I’m more or less able to recognize the letters. (Let’s see if it works like that, because in persian they don’t write every letter.)

I was asking myself if I should start with spoken or formal mini sotries. What do you think?