Firefox play & pause problem

In the Firefox browser, if you start the audio by mouse and then try to pause it with the keyboard (using the spacebar), it just stops for less than a second and starts again and after a few attempts, it just goes crazy and causes the whole system to crash!
You can simulate this problem by pressing and holding the spacebar while the browser is playing an audio, this causes the audio to stop and start repeatedly and after a few seconds, everything stops working!


Confirmed. Getting the same issue on my system running Firefox 70.0.1 (64-bit).

I also have the problem from time to time. Firefox on Windows 10 here.

Thanks for reporting it. I was able to reproduce the problem on my end too. We will get it fixed.


I have the same issue with Chrome. The imported video starts and I cannot pause it. I can only mute it. Also, audio (sentence mode) is still not working…