Firefox Chinese linqq messed up

Using Firefox and Chinese lingq is unusable, new words get hihlighted but only single character ones and even in Chinese text with spaces (which used to work) what lingq decides is a word and highlights in blue is pretty random.

Also because the lingq code un-selects any text I highlight automajically (very bad usability, it really shouldn’t do that) I can’t copy and paste any where else or use any Chinese firefox extensions.

Ironically lingq is now the worst possible place for me to work with Chinese text and vocab.

Glad I haven’t paid for a sub yet.

We realize it’s really not working well for Chinese and Japanese. We have been working on this for the past week. We should have a new update for these languages in a few days. Hopefully, we’ll be able to finally take them out of Beta!

The only comfort I can give is you’re not alone… it’s just as bad in IE 7.0, and has been since the upgrade two weeks ago. I have managed to save but a handful of LingQs since then (something that annoys me very much). Until it gets fixed (or you decide to study somewhere else), you can “print preview”, copy and paste into the vocabulary section (it didn’t even work for all the words I tried, only a handful, but maybe better than nothing?).

Actually, you can copy-paste, but it’s a bit tricky : select the text you want to copy and keep your finger on the left-click bottom, then press (CTRL) and (C); after than you can paste it with (CTRL) + (V) or with the right-click menu.

I know it is a bit complicated for now to use lingq for learning Chinese, but I still use it, with a good old pencil and a lot of paper, using for dictionary, and I have to say that it is a lot easier, at least for me, to remember characters I’ve written at least once. I’m still a free member though…

Maybe that works in Firefox - not for me, though.

Of course I can use Nciku (or any of the other major tools out there), but having to enter the info here again (God knows when) after I’ve looked up the words (I mean, so my personal vocabulary highlights the lessons accordingly)… anybody can do that, and it’s not that the lessons here are unique (except for the LingQ-“produced” interviews). Much of the content is open source.

That is, I want this site to work (preferably now) - I don’t want to use too many other tools to get around the glitches. But it’s something I’ll consider if the problems persist for another week or so, because right now I fully agree with Chris/Hu Cheng in the inital post.

Can’t you copy paste with the printable view in Chinese? I can with Japanese.