Firefox and dictionary popup

When I press ‘d’ or one of the dictionaries, I used to get a window that was relatively smaller than the complete screen. It was pretty workable because I could also see some of the essential stuff on the other side.

Since yesterday however, I always get a fullscreen. This means I cannot peek at the main window without switching to it, which means I can no longer see the dictionary.

No matter what I do, the browser refuses to remember the smaller window I turn it into.

Is there a way around this? I am running Firefox 81.0.2 on a Fedora system. Does anyone know?

I use a stacking window manager on Linux, and all my windows are stacked, no matter what. When I open a dictionary in Lingq, automatically appears a window to the right.

Maybe check you desktop environment or window manager, how it handles windows.

Well, I use gnome. Not sure it is under gnomes control though, as the way a window appears is under control of Firefox. But I will check. Thanks for the tip. What window manager are you using?

I use i3.

This might be useful: Changes to toolbars and window sizes are not saved | Firefox Help

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Thanks. This does help. It doesn’t solve my problem, yet, because I haven’t applied it yet, because it would remove all add-ons. But if I cannot solve my problem any other way, I might give it a go. However, it also shows there are many tools within Firefox to troubleshoot problems, so I am very glad you brought this up: thank you!

Well, your tip eventually fixed it. I didn’t follow the advice, as my problem was different from the one described, but I did press a “verify integrity” button, locate at an entry called “database”. That apparantly fixed it, although I have no idea why. Thanks for your tip!