Firefox addon importer

I can’t get the firefox importer extension working. When I click the icon, it opens a small box with “Login to LingQ”. If I click the link, it opens the lingq login page as a new tab in firefox (even though i’m already signed in). Logging in does nothing…

Do I need to have any specific browser settings (third party cookies enabled or something?)

Help debugging this appreciated!

Note on this: after debugging, it turns out that yes, third party cookies must be allowed for the addon to work. Same goes for the chrome extension.

Now I don’t want to have third party cookies enabled for privacy reasons. To the lingq admins: please update the addon to work even when third party cookies are disabled! Also, please bring back a browser agnostic bookmarklet so that users of non-mainstream browsers and those who can’t use addons can still quickly import texts! Please! :slight_smile: