Firefox 4 has problems with new layout updates

I’m using Firefox 4 on a 64-bit Windows 7 pc, and it renders horribly all those pages that have been updated yesterday in their layout.


  1. I am using FF4 and have no trouble
  2. have you tried refreshing the page a few times

It also helps us if we get a better more detailed explanation of what exactly is happening on the page

I’m sorry, I’ve realized it had an hard time rendering the page because too many tabs were open. It works perfectly well.

Which of your lessons has video Adalberto?

These collections have videos

It seems the problem persists, it wasn’t a temporary bug. The pages affected are:

  • Lesson Page (it is just unreadable, in both views, standard and quicklingqing)
  • Speak Page (the skype banner doesn’t show up)
  • Library page (ratings are not displayed as stars)

Here are a few screenshots:

The screenshots of the lesson page have been zoomed out, to show how all fields are messed up

Internet Explorer 9 renders all pages well

With FF3 I cannot add a listening times. For that I must open a lesson in order to add listening times. For IE8 and Opera 11 the same problem. The problem is that if it is more than 3 lessons I cannot catch flashing window, because it opens too down.

@adalberto - Seems strange. Try ctrl refreshing your browser a few times. It should clear all that up.

@rolan - There is something strange going on with the task popups on the My Lessons page. However, if you open the lesson and then go back to the My Lessons page, it seems to work after that. At any rate, we are trying to figure out what is going on here.

I also noticed that is my known words differ in the badge and in my profile info in the left [Learning (Known Words)]. Also some time my activities don’t change.

@rolan - That issue was reported here:
We will continue to look at what may be causing this.

@ mark

If I reload the page, then all goes well. But it seems strange to me that Firefox doesn’t get it right in the first place

@adalberto - It seems a little strange to me to but it has to do with the browser caching pages that you visit so it can display them more quickly the next time you visit. If something on the page changes, the cache has to be cleaned out and replaced with the new page.

@ mark

Yes, it was the cache. I cleared it and now all goes right