Finnish Mini Stories & Hungarian Update

I was wondering if you have a realistic time frame for the mini stories in Finnish and/or how many you have already finished. Plus an update on when we can expect Hungarian on Lingq? Thanks as always!


We don’t have anything yet done in Finnish. Hopefully we will get Finnish and Norwegian too as soon as we can. I am trying to get them both done. Since both languages are already available at LingQ, I will post updates in Mini Stories thread on the forum when I upload stories to these two languages.
As for Hungarian, we do have 40 Mini Stories done (last 20 work in progress) and it is now in process of being added on the site. Should be soon!


thank you! I’m so excited to read Kato Lomb in the original Hungarian sometime soon.


Hi Zoran sorry to be a bug, but any news on Hungarian?

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Hungarian is ready to go. It’s now up on our developers to work on it and add it to beta. Hopefully should be in near future, as soon as they find time for it among other things. In any way, we are very close to have Hungarian (and Georgian too) available at LingQ!


First 8 Mini Stories in Finnish have been recorded and edited - in case you get this message sooner, please let me know if you didn’t get the emails.

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@WinterShaker Got them! Thanks a lot!

Hey Zoran, I am still waiting on those Hungarian mini-stories. I still only have 19. Have they gone up already and I am just not seeing them?

Check again now, I just shared more stories in Hungarian.

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Are more Finnish stories still needed? I might be able to contribute if I would know where to start :slight_smile:

@RankkaApina Yes!! Please shoot me an email to zoran(at) and I’ll let you know where we stand with Finnish at the moment and where you can start. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I must apologise to you and to the person I know as 85sharifa from YouTube, who proof-read Swedishfinnpolymath’s translations of the ministories up to 51 into Finnish, and sent the amended versions to me a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t keeping on top of my secondary email account so didn’t pick them up until today. I am currently waiting for the translator to send me an editable Word version rather than a pdf, because I would like to go back and change some of the names of the characters to typical Finnish names, but once I’ve done that, there will be a fresh batch for recording.

I might be able to call in a favour from a Finnish speaker I know who I was going to lend an accordion (once it is no longer a major biohazard to send things in the post), if she has a decent microphone and would be willing to help, but if RankkaApina has recording gear as well, then that would be great.

In other news, I am finally starting to get recordings coming in for Breton, so stories 1 to 40 in that should be on the horizon once I’ve had time to touch up the audio.


If you need someone to record: I’m a native Finnish speaker, so I could help out with recording! Even easier if I don’t actually need to translate them :slight_smile:

I realize the US flag might be confusing, but I just live in US

Also, I did send an email to Zoran, so if there’s some that are missing I could work on finishing all of them, there’s 60 altogether, right?

Hi, I got stories 9-20 from Zoran and am starting to record them. Did you have a native speaker helping you (I assume these are the story translations that came from you). Because these have a mistake in pretty much every sentence and it doesn’t look like a mistake a native speaker would make.

Now, I can correct these, no worries, but I’m just wondering about the first 8 stories? It would be kind of sad if they were not correct and people were learning from them… I can double check them if there was no native speaker involvement, if I just get the transcripts and audio (well if they are not correct then the audio would need to be rerecorded anyway).

There’s also some things that are not incorrect, but different in the “I” and “He” stories, which I think the point was to have these repeat. I will check them with the English stories so that it’s the most accurate version.

(Can’t reply to your last comment because I reached the thread limit)
You should only need to start recording from story 15 - in fact, if you’ve got story 9 at all, maybe something weird has happened. My friend (a native speaker) who recorded stories 1 to 14 also corrected them as she went, and she was going to do another session with me to record up to 20 but we can’t really do that now. I’ve only sent Zoran the audio for stories 1 to 8 so far, but I’ve got the audio for 9 to 14 and it’s on my to-do list for this weekend to finish the editing and ping them over.

85Sharifa has corrected stories 21 to 51, so the only ones that should still need corrected by you are stories 15 to 20.

By the way, I tried to send you a private message on your wall a bit earlier - did you receive it?

I can see it, but weirdly I got no notification for it. But good to know! I will start from 15 then! No need to do double work :slight_smile: I don’t mind doing it, but I am working full time, so I’m not promising them in one week or anything :slight_smile:

I’ll answer here for that too: I could be up for an informal discussion, if we can find a suitable time. That is a bit of a challenge, cause I live in California and I still work fully even with the isolation… and part of that time that’s good for both time zones is going for friends and family… So, maybe for now, I concentrate on the mini stories, but I would be interested in helping out in the future!

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@Zoran When are the last 30 Hungarian mini-stories going to be uploaded?

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@DocT More Hungarian, Croatian and Dutch stories will be added next week.


Hi Zoran. I’ve sent you an email with a link to the recordings of the first 14 Finnish mini stories.

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