Finnish dictionary Kielitoimiston sanakirja

Would it be possible to add the following dictionary to the list of dictionaries for Finnish?

Seems like this dictionary only works for Finnish > Finnish. Is that what you need?

Actually, it is. It is more of a check, because the other free dictionaries often miss stuff or are inaccurate. Does this present a problem for the Lingq system? Of course it is not a problem for lingq, but do I need to change something in order to see it? Normally the dictionaries only show the English flag in the icon in front of the dictionary.

It’s added now. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Could you please add another tool? It is not strictly a dictionary, but it is very versatile especially in words that wiktionary does not show. Try the word “suunnitelmiisi” and you will see what I mean.

The internet address is (with suunnitelmiisi as example): “suunnitelmiisi - suunnitelma, noun -
It appears the “#hl” is for highlighting. If you delete the “#hl” bit, it still works, just doesn’t highlight the word you were seeking.

I really hope you can add this one. It is Finnish to English.

Sure, I’ve added that one too (Kieli).