[Finnish] Could you please add suomisanakirja.fi to dictionaries?

Kindly add “suomisanakirja.fi” to the Finnish dictionaries (in Finnish). An example of use is "https://www.suomisanakirja.fi/olennainen" for the word olennainen. Sometimes it has English comments as well, but that is not a given.

Kind regards, Guus Bonnema.

It would be even better if LingQ allowed setting your own dictionaries. For example, I learn Japanese, and my mother tongue is Russian. I have found a good Japanese-Russian dictionary on the Internet. But sadly, I have to copy and paste in them, or retype the word, if I want to use the dictionary I like. LingQ has a poor choice of dictionaries for translating into Russian.

I added that dictionary.

Thank you, I found it. I had been looking at the dictionaries and forgot that it only looks for English. I set that to Finnish, and it works.

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