"Finish Lesson" button incorrectly renders as "Next Page" button

Problem 1) Occasionally, or maybe often, the “Complete Lesson” will be render as a “Next Page” icon (i.e., with >) instead of a checkmark. However, the button will still function as the “Complete Lesson” and it will still turn green whenever you hover it.

This is infuriating when I don’t want to spend time looking up words/phrases with dictionaries, and would rather do that after I completed reading the lesson, but before I “complete” the lesson.

Problem 2) The Next/Complete story button isn’t at all responsive

  1. Create a 2-3 page lesson
  2. Go to the last page of the lesson
  3. Resize the browser so that you have at least 3 pages
  4. Go back one page
  5. Go full screen, you should see the last page

The next button becomes a “Complete Lesson” button
The next button is an unresponsive next page button
Bonus: if you made a short lesson, you may have a previous page icon that goes nowhere.
Click the previous page icon, and then forward.


Thanks, we will investigate the issue.

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Hi @applegone !
The point is that the Finish “V” button changes to the Paging “>” button automatically once a lesson is completed.
Does the “>” button appear instead of the “V” button in the not completed lessons for you?


As for problem 1), if the lesson hasn’t been completed in the past, the last button is usually a check button. To be fair, I haven’t seen this in a few weeks, and I recall it because the last time it happened, I had 20+ words set to known. Of course, I could have also done 2) and incorrectly recalling the button turning green, and somehow eventually gotten it to perform as a “completion” action instead of being unresponsive. If I see it again, I’ll take a snapshot as this isn’t really easily repeatable.

As for problem 2), this is pretty repeatable. You don’t even need to resize the browser. Just the div for the text. Go to the last page, expand the sidebar, collapse the side bar, and the same problem occurs.


Problem can be reproduced with:


If you import using direct youtube access:

It works fine.

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Thank you for pointing this out! Be sure, this bug will be fixed.

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