Finding someone, who reads/records medical Chinese texts for me

I am looking for audio material on more specialised vocabulary (medicine). I wonder where I can find someone, who records this for me. This is just for personal use and it does not need to be a perfect recording at all. I have seen professional voice actors charging something like 10$ per 100 characters, but this is beyond my budget. I am thinking more like 10-20$ per 30 minute recording.

How likely/unlikely is it to have native Chinese to actually read a medical text correctly to me? I do not mean medical textbooks, but something like wikipedia (e.g. 癌症 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书) or Baidu (百度百科-验证)? Are they actually able to read it to me or are those words/characters too specialised (so that they would need to look them up before)?

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maybe your best bet is to find someone on fiverr? You’ll probably find a range of prices there.

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My wife is native Chinese. I could ask her to do it?

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That would be fabulous. Feel free to email me (jsvrcc1[at] :slight_smile:

How likely/unlikely is it to have native Chinese to actually read a medical text correctly to me?
I think I am able to answer this question. Websites like you listed, I believe most Chinese people would be able to read and pronounce them almost correctly in every character. Even if they may not have seen them before. Their pronunciations are quite easy to be guessed by native speakers in spite of a few of the words being specialized. Don’t be worried, that is a piece of cake for most native speakers.

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Just to keep you updated: I asked an Italki tutor to record the Wiki page on cancer (癌症 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书).
He managed to record 3700 characters and the total duration was around 24 minutes (on a 1 hour paid session, around 13$).
He made some mistakes, but marked them in the document.
His comment: “There were too many medical terms in the article, many of which I’ve never heard before. I think these sentences are very difficult even for a Chinese people to understand, when they listen to the recording”.
I am actually quite pleased with the result, but I wonder if I should try to find a tutor with a medical/nursing background (not sure how I can do this on Italki)…


Hello, I am a native Chinese speaker.
I am not a medical student, but I’ve learned anatomy, physiology, histology, organic chemistry, biochemistry, cell molecular biology…(as a layman).

For some simple medical words, such as orbitals(眼睛), phalanges(手指), we have a 1-1 translation from Eng to Chinese.

But for a rare medical words, such as Acetyl CoA, paraxial mesoderm, lateral femoral cutaneous nerve… We usually don’t have a 1-1 translation from Eng to Chinese.
For these more specialised vocabularies, Even if there is a Chinese translation, we usually use the Eng word itself, and don’t use the Chinese translation.

  1. I can read the Eng medical textbooks, and translate to Ch words, then speak/record it to you
  2. I can read the Ch medical textbooks, then speak/record it to you
  3. I can read wikipedia or Baidu, then speak/record it to you

I will also tell you which word is common in Ch, and which word is not common in Ch (so you don’t need to learn those words)

I love to learn new language.
Do you have native language other then Eng? I can do it for free if you can exchange your native language to me (other then Eng)