Finding next level material in Russian

Do you like cuisines, russian cuisine? I would recommend to you to see videos of Stalic Hankishiev. He is very great cooker in my opinion and his recipes are very tasty.

Oh yes, especially with Ru subtitles :slight_smile: NIce voice. Thanks!

B1 is a good level to switch to “Russian for Russians” :slight_smile: Some channels with not too fast, but high-quality, literate Russian speech:
Эдвард Радзинский (Edward Radzinsky - YouTube) - history lectures
Армен Захарян (Armen Zakharyan - YouTube) - wonderful stories about world literature (the last episode on Gabriel Garcia Marquez is too complicated, you better start with something else)
Филолог всея Руси (Филолог всея Руси - YouTube) - stories about Russian writers and poets in a slightly more colloquial style.
Арзамас (Arzamas - YouTube) - a large project covering all facets of culture and history

Other channels for Russian learners: Russian with Anastasia, RuLand Club, Russian with Tatiana, Amazing Russian.

I like ASMR content, enunciation is not that clear, but content is very relaxing and simple: ASMR Kitty Klaw, ASMR Mood, ASMR Darya, Valerya ASMR.

Natasha’s Adventures (formerly known as Yeah Russia). She speaks English and sometimes has Russian subtitles.

All good suggestions as well. Ru Land announced she isn’t going to do Russian anymore but focus on Ukrainian. That’s too bad, but I sort of understand the reasons why.