Finding it difficult?

Hi, I am English and i am trying to learn french but i don’t seem to be doing so well! I don’t even think i am using this forum properly!! do you have any advice??

Have you checked out Steve Kaufmann’s YouTube videos?

There’s a lot of useful info there on using LingQ and on learning languages.

I am here almost for 4 years, but I don’t know all the possibilities of Lingq, especially because of all new changings allthough I’m here a student, a tutor and a provider…
But it doesn’t matter!
Everyone can find here a lot of podcasts and lessons in his\her target language and read and listen to them at the same time improving greatly his\her acquiring a new language.
THat’s the most value of this system.
The Forum is interesting if you have something to ask or to express your opinion, but I know a lot of my successful stidents who never write anything in the forum - and make a good progress.
And I know some people who always write something in the Forum, and sometimes I’m surprised: if they spend so much time for the forum where they take the tyme for a real study of the new language?..
That’s why I’m not so convinced that everyone has to write something here in the Forum.

The basic idea of LingQ is: let the words overflow you. Search Steve’s channel for words overflowing. Make grammar study secondary, but don’t disregard it.