Finding interesting reading material

This week I have been bored reading the usual stuff. generally I have been reading news articles, I have a few books on the go (switch between them when I need a change), and a few random stuff that I come across.

I have been finding materials that are interesting, but some of it isn’t necessarily lingq appropriate. For example I love cooking and baking, and I have been importing some recipes, but I find recipes hard to stand in lingq because of formatting once its imported.

In hindsight the formatting of books and materials is starting to become more troublesome as I get further into the program, probably making it harder to keep my attention.

Any advice to get over it? I enjoy Lingq, and I still don’t know enough yet to just pick up a book, but I have bought a large pastry for offline reading and a way to interact with the culture

I am learning Spanish, not French, so I can’t advise you on interesting reading material.

With regard to importing material into lingQ, I had formatting problems. I found that if copy and pasted into Word before importing into lingQ and changed line breaks to paragraphs breaks and then imported from Word to lingQ it solved a lot of formatting issues.

Good Luck.


Have you tried importing from Youtube?

Simple search Youtube queries like these:

“culture française”, cc

“cuisine française”, cc

Return some interesting results.

“cc” is for filtering for subtitles.

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thanks for the tip to import it into word. yeah hopefully that makes things a bit less painful

It has been a while since a looked at YouTube, I had initially stopped because of all the auto generated cc after filtering, but my vocabulary is much better than what it was, so I should be able to refine my search, thanks!

Some format issues can be avoided by copying and pasting the text in a text editor and change its format until it is more convenient to read.

One option that I have found quite useful (especially if one is not advanced in the target language yet) is to reread things that you already enjoyed in your native tongue. Perhaps a book that you read when you were a child or a teenager and liked it a lot. Perhaps something you know by heart because it is your favourite book. This way the difficulty decreases immediately, because of interest and familiarity with the text.

For example, I read Asimov’s science fiction when I was a teenager at least twice, and now I am rereading it in my target language. It’s way easier than new, unknown texts.


Couldn’t agree more here. To bridge into advanced is a huge process in itself so it’s easier starting with something you know like the back of your hand. This is what helps you through the fog. Get something that is a treat to read again. Asimov… that would be great fun!


I had started to, but the books I chose were just too advanced. You jogged my memory on a few, and I searched them up, so thank you very much!

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Hi, Robert!

Do you know ?

They have a lot of short dialogs (audio + text) on their website.
You should take a look at the following sections in particular:

  • dialogues
  • textes
  • thèmes
    Maybe you’ll find something that motivates you!

Have a nice day

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I am looking for a pdf in German (most preferably kostenlos) which I would like to read on LingQ.
The book is “das paket by Sebastian Fitzek”. I tried my best while searching online but seems like I could not find a link where I could download it as a free copy. If anyone knows how to get a free copy, I will appreciate it.

I did not, thank you very much!

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Have you tried watching a show you like or a movie you like with the subtitles turned on? It’s sometimes a fun way to get in some reading and see how your favorite scenes are translated.

I have, and you are right it is pretty good. I particularly like the little prince (movie) and ratatouille, both movies I have seen about a dozen times in English, they were great. I think I am struggling with the in-between beginner and intermediate, probably just have to suck it up and read some more I think.