Finding interesting Polish content *with audio*

Hi, I have started learning Polish and I want to make the most of Lingq. Therefore I have been searching for some content relevant to my interests (bodybuilding, fitness, diet , sport, Viking history) in Polish and only successfully uploaded one article - without audio. I am struggling to find anything with audio and even when I found some audiobooks which I was just going to settle for, the audio file wouldn’t upload.

I clicked on the side suggestions for learning Polish on this site and I cant find anything with script AND audio.

Any suggestions??

There were many texts with audio on Polskie Radio

Please check out the content in our library here at LingQ. Piotr of has contributed a lot to our library and you can visit his site for much more. I focused on our library then bought audio books and e-books of the same books at, and imported them into LingQ.

Thanks. I’ll have another search and see what I can find