Finding Farsi Content

I’m learning Farsi with LingQ, and it’s brilliant - especially since it’s a really under-resourced language elsewhere. I’m working through what’s on the site, but wanting to start importing good, interesting content soon.

But I’m having difficulty finding good content to import. Has anyone found a good source of audiobooks and of ebooks that can be used with LingQ? It seems to be much harder, for political reasons, to find good Farsi content online than it is for other languages.



Depends on what you consider interesting and good :wink:
You might like some short stories, that Amir Samadabadi reads on his Youtube channel. The story text can usually (but not always) be found in the video description: Amirnezam Samadabadi - YouTube

Thanks, that’s really helpful - I’lll take a look at that.
I think right now I can find so little with audio + transcript, I’ll settle for most things!

Yep, audio+text material is scarce. That’s what brought me to LingQ. The three courses here helped me a lot.

In other languages I can usually find subtitles for films in the same language (like English subtitles for English film). But have not found anything like that for Farsi. May be I should order making transcript of few films from somebody, it should not be thaaat much expensive…

What is possible to find, are song lyrics. (simply by searching for song name + متن آهنگ ) But I’m not big fan of songs, so not good way for me.

In meanwhile I mostly rely on an old-school method of reading newspapers on daily basis in order to gradually extend my vocabulary, and occasional watching TV news and YouTube clips with effort to recognize as much of the known words as I can. Not the most effective way, but with enough patience…

I found another text&audio source on Youtube - the “parsi dari” channel: parsi dari - YouTube .

It contains about 30 short educational videos; not sure if some more are to be added. Video titles are in Farsi and English. Full text of each video in Farsi is present in the video description. Literary language is used, and the language level seems to be Intermediate 2.

It also contains bunch of Farsi lessons with some grammar explained. But I haven’t reviewed these.

I’m here for the same reason - so few opportunities on the web to find good audio & text material in Farsi. It’s really great to see LingQ supporting a less-resourced language like this.

I haven’t found any properly subtitled films either. Even English-subtitled stuff isn’t that common, and is mostly expensive.

You must be a bit further on to tackle newspapers - that’s the next step.

Newspapers are not that hard to read. The language used is straightforward, uncomplicated, descriptive. Just the lexicon used is different. But it tends to repeat, so you get it quite quickly.: “this and this has happened”, “somebody made such and such comment on it”, “somebody reacted in such and such way”, …

That parsi dari Youtube channel is something to aspire to.

Thanks, matej.cizek

The obvious thing to try is find texts of classical works, such as Rumi (Mavlana)'s poems or Mullah Nasruddin’s stories

All I can find is some videos they do have some street interview with people to see what its like

Well, It’s not that hard to find farsi contents, it really depends on your interest. for e-books and audio books I recommend , It’s an amazing source to find many Persian novels. You’d love the books.
If you are looking for the translations as well, check this book out.

موفق باشی!



Thanks SaeidMousavi .

It looks like there’s a lot of books to choose from in that link.