Finding English practicing partner

Hi everyone, Im a new member. Im from Vietnam and want to find a online partner to practice English with. It will be better with who is also a English learner and has similar level to me. My level now is around B1-B2.

Thank so much for reading,
have a nice day <3

Hi it’s a good idea to speak with some person to help each other in learning English. My name is Piotrek and I’m from Poland and I would like to practice with you :slight_smile:

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Hi Piotrek,
happy to hear from you. I forgot introduce my name. Im Ha. Which platform do you like to practice? zalo/skype/zoom/google meet/…
(except whatsapp because now I want to have less communication to people)
and this is my email:

Good night
see you,

Me too find to online partner to practice English with.
skype: muratdogan76