Finding English practicing partner

Hi everyone, Im a new member. Im from Vietnam and want to find a online partner to practice English with. It will be better with who is also a English learner and has similar level to me. My level now is around B1-B2.

Thank so much for reading,
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Hi it’s a good idea to speak with some person to help each other in learning English. My name is Piotrek and I’m from Poland and I would like to practice with you :slight_smile:


Hi Piotrek,
happy to hear from you. I forgot introduce my name. Im Ha. Which platform do you like to practice? zalo/skype/zoom/google meet/…
(except whatsapp because now I want to have less communication to people)
and this is my email:

Good night
see you,


Me too find to online partner to practice English with.
skype: muratdogan76


Hey, everybody. Depending of how old are you, we can create a group in Telegram/WhatsApp. I think 3-4 people will be enough.
My name is Max, i’m 26. From Ukraine.
So if someone is attracted by this idea, write to me


Hi everyone. My name is Darek I’m from Poland. I think is a good idea to practice with other on the similar level. I’m about B1 and want to exercise with someone on the same level and motivate each other to deep more in english. If anyone wants to speak with me I open to it. We can doing the same lessons and share knowlage and etc. Good day and I hope we hear soon :wink:

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