Finding audio files with accompanying transcript

I’m having trouble meeting the Progress Snapshot target of 5.3 hours of listening per week.

Early on in learning a new language, I need the transcript for the audio. So the lessons at LingQ are great.

I listen to the audio for each lesson as much as I can stand, but this barely adds 2 hours per week of listening.

How do you find audio files with transcripts to import to LingQ?

I’ve wasted a lot of time, finding mostly audio with no accompanying transcript.

Thank you.

It’s not that easy to find audio with transcripts for most languages. If you are having trouble listening enough, maybe you have too few lessons you are currently studying. When I am in the beginner stages I try to go through as many lessons as I can so that the amount of audio I have processed on LingQ gets bigger and bigger so I am not just listening to the same few lessons over and over.

What about audio books?

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-subscribe to forums that are dedicated to specifically studying the target language

-learn what the best translation is for – transcript + audio + transcribed audio + podcast transcripts + tv, radio with transcripts + txt / text + audio books etc – in you target language and google these extensively

-find audio that you like, and create your own transcripts –

I tend to listen to new lessons pretty much every day. This keeps me motivated in listening as much as I can, and I can get through about an hour of listening each day.

That said, I have had to use websites such as eLance in order for me to get transcripts of podcasts that I am particularly interested in.

Additionally, once you’ve gone through enough audio (the LingQ podcasts in my case for japanese), you can return all the way back to the very first podcast you listened to. Not only will it be almost fresh to you again, but your heightened comprehension will allow you to enjoy it further, as well as pick up new things that were a blur before.

When you click Tasks → Import Lesson, a list of links to the most likely places is shown on the right hand side of the screen. For each language, have a look what is shown there.

I use subtitles a lot. But movies are terribly limited in language and silence to speech ratio is not very good. Dotsub is a wealth of transcribed video.